Las Colinas (Irving, TX)

Las Colinas is a 12,000-acre master-planned community near the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport built on land owned by the Carpenter family. It is the home of world or regional headquarters for several Fortune 500 companies, including ExxonMobil, Fluor, Commercial Metals and Kimberly Clark. Las Colinas contains over 22 million square feet of office space, 8.5 million square feet of light industrial and distribution space, over 1 million square feet of retail space, several hotels, and thousands of homes and apartments, all surrounded by golf courses, lakes and canals. During a low point in the Texas property market, Wells Hill was asked by the Carpenter Family and Southland Financial Corporation, the developer of Las Colinas, to assist in the recapitalization of the company. Southland Financial had borrowed heavily at the corporate level to finance the community’s expansion and subsequently experienced severe financial difficulty when land sales stopped. Wells Hill represented management in creating a new partnership and raising $286 million in fresh capital to acquire substantially all of the assets of Las Colinas’s public holding company. In the process, Wells Hill worked closely with a team that included management and new capital in the restructuring of $850 million of company indebtedness issued to private and public bondholders or borrowed from banks and insurance companies.